Here at Sky Lair we have a very small amount of rules. We ask that you do not break any of these rules or you will be banned accordingly.

Rule 1: No cheating of any kind

You are not allowed to play on a modified Minecraft client of any kind. This means you cannot use any mod that gives you an advantage over others. Use only the vanilla client, downloaded without changes from the Minecraft website. Our exceptions include Optifine, Rei's Minimap, and Armor Status. Please note that this doesn't give you permission to use similar mods, and if you are caught with any other mod you will be banned. No macros of any kind is allowed! This means anything that allows you to automatically swing your sword or spam a command quicker than normal human reflexes is a major offense. This includes programmable keyboards, rapid-fire keys, or hot-keys. No exploitation is allowed! This means you cannot abuse a glitch that simply wasn't meant to exist. If you find an exploit, report it to a staff member and you may be rewarded accordingly.

Rule 2: No spamming

Spam of any type is not permitted. The minimal requirement for it to be classified as spam includes, but is not restricted to the posting of same or similar messages consecutively, excessive use of capital letters, posting of other servers or websites (advertising), or sending of malicious or pornographic content and viruses. We have kids that play of all ages on the server. Please watch what you say.

Rule 3: Respect all players

While we do not restrict language and will understand a curse word every now and then, do not point those curses at other people. Do not harass other players and keep your rage off of our servers. Do not be abusive, homophobic, sexist or racist. Do not spam chat, especially with incessant profanity. Part of respecting other players is not filling the chat with obscenities and sexual descriptions. We have players of all ages, so save your edgy in-jokes for private messages.

If you haven't already, please read the forum rules here.