Here on the Sky Lair forums, we also have a set of rules to follow. Infraction of these rules will result in the banning of your Enjin account, or in extreme cases your minecraft account, from the forums or server.

Rule 1: Respect all members

Respect your fellow members. Please refrain from making inflammatory and incendiary comments. Flaming, taunting, and overall disrespect is frowned upon. Simply putting down an opinion given by others is wrong. If you don’t agree with what they’re saying, state your reason why (but do so respectfully). Do not make uninvited remarks regarding typos or duplicate posts.

Rule 2: No spamming

We define spamming as massive or unnecessary amount of posts of the same or relating to the same topic, advertisement of other websites or services, and speaking in languages other than English. Spam, off topic, unnecessary or grammatically illegible, indecipherable posts will be removed without warning. This also includes excessive amounts of similar or same phrases.

Rule 3: Personal information

Do not post personal, real-life information such as home addresses and home phone numbers of yourself, other users, or staff members. Do not insist or demand or harass other users for personal information.

Rule 4: No illegal content

Illegal content can be described as “warez”, nudity, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. We attempt to respect all private and public works and therefore do not allow any distribution of illegal content both directly or indirectly (posting links that lead to outside sources where any illegal content can be accessed). Please note, unauthorized leaks of any titles also fall under this category and will be treated as such. This also includes information illegally obtained. Additional links to cheats, hacks, or malicious software like viruses fall under this category.

Rule 6: Search before you post

To keep the community as efficient and effective as possible please search your request before posting a new thread. Attempt to respond to other topics rather than post a new thread if the topics are similar. Users with duplicate requests of the same nature will be directed to similar threads created previously.

If you haven't already, please read the server rules here.