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Hey guys!

We're happy to announce that as of Friday, October 3rd, Sky Lair will be finally released!

Thank you all so very much for supporting us through the public beta.

Here's a quick summary of our goals for the server:

Remember the days when Factions used to be fun? Remember that adrenaline rush you had when you first got raided? I know we do! We want to make Factions fun again. That, unfortunately will require a bit of sacrifice, but it's worth it. Just factions. No confusion.

We've striven to make our server as simple as possible. On Sky Lair, the focus is on Factions. The Faction game mode was made to be competitive! When servers give out free diamonds to everyone, it ruins that competitive aspect. We've tried our best to keep our Factions competitive.

It's always devastating to log onto a server that you've spent hours of time on and see that all your progress is gone-- because of a server reset. We plan to keep our map for as long as is physically possible! That means your builds will always be accessible. We also back up our server every single day, and back it up to an external location every week. We know that bad things out of our control are bound to happen, but we will be prepared! You can count on us!

We've tried our best to keep a dynamic economy. Rather than sell everything in one central server shop, our players are given a chance to rent and build their own shops! And because of that, our economy is dynamic. It changes based on what the players think are good prices.

How many servers nowadays do you see that have donator kits that give things like "3 sets of Protection IV Diamond Armor” or that give you free diamond armor the moment you join? That ruins the entire economy! As you know, diamonds are the pinnacles of a Minecraft economy. Ruin the worth of diamonds, and your entire economy collapses! We think we've found the sweet spot of diamond value.

That’s all for now. Keep up and stick around. We are planning to make the server even more and more fun as we grow in the future!

Also check out our trailer/promo video!