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The Sky Lair community will be holding its very first monthly player-PVP tournament on Friday, November 28th!

A bracket tournament will be held at /warp arena, starting at 7:00pm EST on Friday afternoon.

Upon making this application, you will try make your best effort to attend the tournament. When your application is accepted, you will be randomly placed into a bracket for the tournament's first round.

Any players caught with hacked clients will be temporarily banned and disqualified from the tournament.

Items obtained from killing other players will be allowed to be kept by the round winner.

Tournament will be "bring your own gear", but you have to agree with your opponent on what both of you will be fighting with. (Both of you will be fighting with the same gear.)

Winning prizes are as follows:

1st place- One /kit Griffin, and $20,000

2nd place- One /kit Dragon, and $10,000

3rd place- One /kit Phoenix, and $7,500

Applications are due Friday at 6:00pm EST!

Application Formant:


Availability to show up to the tournament (100%, 50% etc.):


Happy Tournament!