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Host Change as of December 28.

By Optern Admin - Posted Dec 28, 14
Hooray! No more server crashes!

Lately on Sky Lair, we have been experiencing difficulties with our latest server host, Beastnode. Over the course of the last few weeks, we have had more than ten random crashes on the server, which I know is not appealing to any of you.

After many complaints to Beastnode without logical answers back, we have finally decided to leave them once and for all and choose a hosting company that better fits our criteria for running an optimal server for you guys. :)

Agazed and I are proud to announce that as of today, December 28th, the server will no longer be receiving that occasional crash that has been bothering many of our players lately! The server should be running smoother than ever, and you should be able to keep playing with no problem.

We are sincerely sorry for any of the trouble that these past two weeks have caused you, between this shitty hosting company, to the 1.8 update (We are still fixing many of the bugs you have reported to us). We hope that you can work with us through this, because as you all see, this is still a new, fast growing server with potential for the future.

If there are any questions regarding anything that has happened in the past two weeks, add a comment below, or mail me or Agazed on the Forums/Server. 

Thank you all for being such great players!