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Updates? I like it...

By Withur Hydra - Posted Feb 3, 15

In the past few days we worked really hard and we rolled some new fancy updates that we hope will make you enjoy the server even more than you did before. Of course there might be some errors with the new features so if you find one please message a staff member and we will fix them as soon as possible. 


  • Forum changes

The forums have now a new theme with a different background image and a new, clean top bar. 

We have also added a new members section where you can check all the members that are part of this community. 

The forum sections are now different so it's easier for you to find the right section to post on. (pst we added a videos section)


  • Votes 

The vote links on Minestatus and Planet Minecraft are now fixed so now you have 5 links where you can support our server by voting for it.  Also more chances to get a free spawner!


  • Title - Tab list

In case you didn't notice when you logged on the server we added a new welcome message that uses the new 1.8 title command. The titles will show you the latest features the server has added. I could say it looks quite fancy.

The tab list has also a new feature in which you can see the server name and the link to the shop.


  • In-game messages

The messages in game have been changed to our server theme. In case you don't know what I mean we changed the orange/yellow messages when you teleport/message/mail/etc. to a cool looking blue/gray message

Before: Don't move. You are teleporting in 5 seconds. || Enjoy your new hat!
After: Don't move. Teleporting in 5 seconds. || [SkyLair] Enjoy your new hat!

  • Fixes
  • We have fixed the ender chest problem at spawn so now you can open it with no problem!
  • Armor smelting is back!


 This is not all yet there is more coming out soon!

~SkyLair Team