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Next Friday, Sky Lair will be changing up it's monthly tournament style!

On Friday, April 10th, there will be a team PvP tournament happening at /warp arena! Teams will be with partners, making the matches of every round "2v2".

The tournament will be held on Friday April 10th at 7:00* EST, but is a date/time that is subject to change.

The same rules apply in this tournament as in every Sky Lair hosted tournament. Upon making this application, you and your PvP partner will try make your best effort to attend the tournament. When your application is accepted, you will be randomly placed into a bracket for the tournament's first round.Any players caught with hacked clients will be temporarily banned and disqualified from the tournament. Items obtained from killing other players will be allowed to be kept by the round winners. Tournament Admins will supply gear to tournament contestants (Gear will most likely be different every time). PvP Gear will be determined by the staff at the time of the tournament. Once a match is over, the winners will be sent to spawn and will move up in the bracket. 

Winning prizes are as follows:

1st Place: $25,000 and One Tier 4 Key Each.

2nd Place: $10,000 and One Tier 2 Key Each.

3rd Place: $5,000 Each.

Also, fight for a chance to be featured in our /warp arena's hall of fame!

Each team must fill out the appropriate application and agree to all server rules to participate. Teams do not need to have a faction in order to participate. If you have a friend who want to get into a team with you and try to win, go for it. This means that if you are part of a faction, we are not going to look at any roster. You can mix and match as much as you want. Your teammate does not have to be in the same faction as you. You agree to listen to all staff members and designated persons who are helping out with this event. If any one person is caught hacking whilst the tournament is going on, the team that they are a part of will be immediately disqualified. We will not be recognizing any one person. We recognize whoever you put in your application. All first round bracket picks will be completely random. We will not take requests this time based on your skill level. This will be held similar to the way that current tournament 1v1 battles are hosted. For added experience with other players, it is a good idea to hop on to Sky Lair's teamspeak, (ts.skylair.net) You will only be allowed to play the two people who are on your application. If at any point you need to make any changes please contact a staff member and they will have it changed as soon as possible. If you show up to the tournament but your partner is unable to make it, you can request for a fill-in, or fight in a 2v1 battle. A single team only has to fill out one application. If there is a duplicate comment, it will be deleted. Do not post that someone will be your partner without their permission. Make sure you find someone you get along with to PvP by your side at this tournament. Remember, you both do not necesarily have to be in the same faction on the server. You also do not NEED a partner, but it is recommended as you will most likely be fighting in a 2v1... and that sucks.

Application Format!:



Availability to show up to the tournament (for both of you):

Partner in Crime:

Team Name (Be creative!):

Favorite Admin (It's Optern don't deny it):

Good luck to all of the teams who participate in the 2v2 tournament next weekend! I can tell this is going to be a fun one!