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Sky Lair 3.0?

By Agazed Admin
Agazed @ mc.skylair.net
- Posted Jul 12, 15


Yes, the rumors are true, we're resetting the map.

  • Players will keep their donor ranks, but not free ranks.
  • Inventories and all items will be reset.
  • All virtual chests will be reset.
  • Players money will reset.
  • McMMO levels will be reset.
  • Map will reset.



  • Mob Arena! Woohoo!
  • New crate system! I've been postponing it for a while and it will finally be implemented!
  • New server-hosted tournaments! Not just PvP tournaments, we have something else up our sleeve.


When will all this happen? Everything will happen July 17th around 3:00 EST. There may be some downtime with the server before all this.

We are also planning to give kits to players on the old map and do some sort of world event. Stay tuned!

Leave any questions, comments, recommendations, or concerns as a reply to this topic. We appreciate everything you have to say on the matter.

Thank you!