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The Sky Lair community will be having its third player-PvP tournament on Sunday, March 15!
A bracket tournament will be held at /warp arena, beginning at 2:00pm EST on that Sunday afternoon.
Upon making this application, you will try make your best effort to attend the tournament. When your application is accepted, you will be randomly placed into a bracket for the tournament's first round.
Any players caught with hacked clients will be temporarily banned and disqualified from the tournament.
Items obtained from killing other players will be allowed to be kept by the round winner.
Tournament Admins will supply gear to tournament contestants. PvP Gear will be determined by the staff at the time of the tournament.
Winning prizes are as follows:
1st place- $30,000 IGM and one Tier 2 Mystery Crate Key
2nd place- $15,000 IGM and one Tier 1 Mystery Crate Key
3rd place- $5,000 IGM
Applications are due by Sunday the 15th of March at 1:00pm EST!
Application Formant:
PvP Skill 1-10 (Rate Yourself):
Availability to show up to the tournament (100%, 50% etc.):
jman12234 IGN: Jman12234 PvP Skill 1-10 (Rate Yourself): 8 Availability to show up to the tournament (100%, 50% etc.): 50% Faction...
natedawg111111 Kraken IGN: natedawg111111 PvP Skill: 8 (if anyones higher than this i would love to get my hands on you) Availability to show ...
expoboy10 IGN: Expo_ PvP Skill 1-10 (Rate Yourself): 9.9 Availability to show up to the tournament (100%, 50% etc.): 80% Faction:S...

Top Voters of February

Agazed Admin
Agazed @ mc.skylair.net
posted Mar 8, 15

Congratulations to our top voters of February!

  • 1st Place - cm_games [$500,000]

  • 2nd Place - MSgtnValrico [$250,000]

  • 3rd Place - Mr_hanzzie [$100,000]

The top voter rewards of February were postponed until March 7th due to Sky Lair 2.0.

For the month of March prizes will go as followed:
  • 1st Place - $250,000

  • 2nd Place - $100,000

  • 3rd Place - $50,000
Thank you for voting!

Happy valentine's day!

Withur Hydra posted Feb 14, 15

This isn't an update but we thought this would be great little gift for our players to share our appreciation. <3

Thank you for being a great community in this whole time the server has been online!

I personally couldn't ask for a better community as a moderator and I think the same would say the other Staff team members. The community is the main thing that made me stick to this server and do my best to keep it alive! I hope you all consider the same. 

I know there hasn't been an event in a LONG LONG time but don't worry there is one coming soon so make sure to check it out!

As for our little appreciation gift, for the next couple of days all the players (no matter what rank are you, from Hawk to Griffin) are able to use a particle effect ("Hearts") using this command:

/pp heart

Share the love with these fancy hearts, and happy Valentine's day! 

P.S.: To clear the particles use the command /pp clear

~SkyLair Team